Speed and Power are the ultimate tools in becoming better athletes. These 2 components go hand in hand. The more power you have, the more potential you have to run faster. Without the correct technique in both the power training and running then you won’t benefit as much as you could, plus there is potential for injury. My training will help you develop the power you need to run faster by using the gym and running track. I will also look at your running and correct your technique so that you run much more efficiently. By doing this we will convert that power into speed. Remember – Speed starts in the Gym, technique is created on the track.

The techniques used to make you faster and stronger have been used and adapted from the 1980 Olympic Games, to Rugby World Cup Winners, GB Hockey players, and even a Bobsled team. These are techniques I have been trained in, and adapted to benefit the modern sportsman or woman.

My aim is to make you the most efficient sports person possible. By giving you the strength, power, endurance that you need, plus reviewing and changing your technique so that every bit of your running is more efficient, and utilises your new found strengths to their optimum levels. Everyone can be faster – even Usain Bolt has claimed he will run faster – and it’s with my help that you can be faster and more powerful than ever before.