“Training with Myles has had a hugely beneficial impact for me. My speed has improved considerably which has aided my rugby and given me greater confidence on the pitch. Myles coaches well with a good ability to make me aware of how the running should feel to help increase my speed. Further to this, sessions are related directly to my sport and work on rugby-specific movements which help when it comes to playing matches. My feedback on my matches and within training sessions is taken into account and Myles uses this to frame how we will train. I can highly recommend training with Myles.”

Edd Conway – Amateur Rugby Player – Old Priorian RFC


“Speed is the most wonderful gift any coach can give to their clients and it  is the most sought after physical component of any training regime.  Myles has himself become much faster as a performer and so he understands how it feels to need speed.  He can now give to his clients what I gave to him. Myles is fast becoming a great coach in speed and power and I recommend him to any client who needs that extra yard of pace.”

Margot Wells – Olympic Sprint Coach and Expert in Performance Fitness


“I have been a committed amateur cyclist for over 15 years, always relying on my own approach to training, but only 5 weeks into a 7 week program with Myles I have seen a marked improvement it both my strength and speed.  I measure myself on the same routes and climbs every year and I’ve already beaten most of my previous PB’s and so early in the season!  Myles provides constant feedback and encouragement, helping me push myself much harder than I normally would and his knowledge around speed and strength work is paying dividends after only such a short time.”

Richard Meinesz – Amateur Cyclist

“I’ve always thought that speed is more intimidating to defend against then any other attribute on a rugby pitch. Speed allows me to control the space between me and an opponent, whether it is that I am attacking and want to get away, or I’m defending and what to get closer, because of my pace it is easier to dictate the distance between myself and other players. Speed gets me out of trouble and enables me to be able to think more on my feet. It allows me to make split second decisions, and can be a good substitute, at times, for experience. Speed is like any other physical attribute, it can be taught and improved. Myles and I have sat and talked after most of my games, and his knowledge of Speed, Power and Rugby is extremely impressive especially at his age. His enthusiasm for training sports men and women is very motivating and I’m looking forward to doing a few sessions with him in the summer.”

Joe Simpson – Professional Rugby Player – England and London Wasps


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