Pre-Season Results 2013

Pre Season 2013 First Test and 6 weeks in.

NamePosition30 Metres30 Metres - Mid Pre-season40 Metres40 Metres -Mid Pre-Season50 Metres50 Metres - Mid Pre-Season
Charlie StringerScrum Half3.393.144.454.265.575.24
David WilkieCentre3.443.174.644.335.585.33
Lewis RodriguezWing3.393.214.44.375.45.27
Adam McCullochProp3.663.284.944.525.955.79
Matt LacourWing3.394.415.55
Akeem Eubank-AndersonProp3.813.425.094.425.975.57
Will ClarkeScrum Half3.793.454.974.585.945.61
Will TaylorFly Half4.013.465.054.626.395.7
Conor McPartlinFly Half3.524.585.73
Tom BattHooker3.823.674.944.726.175.75
George JohnsonHooker4.524.
Freddie GreenwoodScrum Half4.15.426.81
Mike LedgerWing3.494.525.43
Ellis OzolsSecond Row3.524.75.76
Sol PastorMidfield3.594.585.68
Andrew WilkieProp3.694.85.97
Edd ConwayCentre3.814.766
James MunroSecond Row4.235.316.72
Liam MunroSecond Row4.665.817.33
Table showing the improvements from week 1 and week 6 (half way point) - Some clients away on Holiday so not able to test.

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