Welcome to Speed 4 Sport. If you are reading this then you must be interested to know how speed can change your game. Speed can be the defining factor between winning and losing. By being faster than your opposite number, in any sport, you automatically gain an advantage and are seen as a ‘threat’ – you must have had a coach at some point in your life tell you “don’t give them a yard” about the fastest player on the opposite team. By being that player, you have already won the psychological battle.

This advantage happens in any sport, whether it is rugby, football, cricket, hockey, cycling, basketball, tennis, and many other. Just by having an extra yard or 2 of pace you get a psychological advantage over your opponent.

I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer and currently work freelance in Hammersmith for a well known gym chain. I got involved in speed and sports training through the highly regarded Margot Wells (wife and coach of Olympic 100m Gold Medallist Allan Wells) I have trained with her for the best part of 4 years, and worked for her, as a presenter of Wellfast for the past 2 years.

Wellfast is a company created by Margot to help people to understand the secrets of speed and power, and how to coach other people to be faster.

As one of her top coaches I have branched out to help elite and amateur sports men and women to become better. By giving them the tools to become stronger, faster, and more powerful than before. Training with me is about improving yourself as a performer, so as well as becoming fast, stronger, more powerful; I will help you to work on aspects of your performance which you feel are weak. Training with me is about becoming the best you can be, having a dream and going for it.

I have been involved in sport from a young age. I have played rugby from the age of 6, and have played at a semi-professional level. I was a keen cricketer and good athlete at school. I enjoy football, and most other sports you can throw my way. I learnt firsthand how speed improved my game, and I want you to find out how it can change yours.

Every person I train is treated the same, whether you play at school, semi-professional or higher, you get the same treatment and coaching. As long as you have a goal to better yourself, then you are all training with me for the same reason – to be better than you were yesterday

Myles Stringer – Elite Sports Developer